FNF Sonic.EXE sings Slaybells

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What we think about FNF Sonic.EXE sings Slaybells mod, general informations about the game and how to play it:

FNF Sonic.EXE sings Slaybells game was added January 8, 2022 at our site and since then have been played 5.06K times.

More about the game:

Play FNF Sonic.EXE mod game online with new song Slaybell and try to beat him in dance battle to impress everyone and win in the game.

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Game Controls:

WASD or ARROW keys for playing.

Play the game
Friday Night Funkin is fun dancing game which became popular in 2021, the main object of the game is very simple but difficult, you are challenged to a dance duel with various characters to win your girlfriend's heart. If you played GTA San Andreas you already know how to play the game as one of the mission was very similar dance duel on the beach, you need push arrow keys in exact time to dance better then opponent. Game has more levels and each one is more difficult and challenging, you need to push the WASD keys faster and faster

Since the release of the game, developers made the code open to public so there is many FNF mods with different characters and songs, some of most popular FNF GAMES are:

1.FNF vs Sonic.exe
2.FNF vs Whitty
3.FNF vs Baldi
4.FNF vs Impostor

Choose your favorite FNF game mod, enter the dance arena and show them your dancing skills. Friday Night Funkin is developed by Ninjamuffin99 and owned by Newgrounds, Inc. We are not associated with Friday Night Funkin. This is an unofficial free resource website.

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